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 Fantasy Games 2017
Posted by Lord Tau - 03-5-17 09:34 - 2 comments
In the light of waning popularity, does anyone still want to play the fantasy games?

Poll closes next Sunday (March 12)
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 Ok, I suck
Posted by Rob - 03-19-16 04:41 - 3 comments
Sorry for my absence, didn't log onto the site for a few days, which turned to weeks, and eventually months.

Happy to be back, there was no falling out or hard feelings. Just me being an epic tosser.

New season coming up ready to get back into the swing of F1, and Motors more
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 Fantasy Games 2016
Posted by Lord Tau - 11-30-15 18:24 - 4 comments
Hi all

Due to the drop in members and participation in the Fantasy Games, I have not yet decided whether I will run them again next year. Also, I have another Antarctica trip coming up in February, and I'd like to think I'd be back in time for the F1 season, but I can't say f more
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 Fantasy Games 2015
Posted by Lord Tau - 02-19-15 21:20 - 9 comments
No, I haven't forgotten! The games are coming, have no fear.

I'm hoping to get some of them sorted and ready to go this weekend, so watch this space!
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 2014 Fantasy Games
Posted by Lord Tau - 01-29-14 22:26 - 11 comments
That's right, ladies and gentlemen. The Fantasy Games will be returning for another instalment in 2014, with the eighth (yes, eighth!) edition of Fantasy Formula 1, as well as the Predictions League and Last Man Standing.

More information coming in a few weeks, but I thought I more
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 Red Bullies
Posted by Norbert - 08-15-13 13:11 - 1 comments
For reasons of sheer greed and nastiness, a certain energy drink company is threatening legal action against a small brewer for use of the word 'red'.

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 Possible domain name issues
Posted by Norbert - 06-12-13 15:53 - 33 comments
Just to let you know that there's some potential for a little trouble in the offing. Right now, due to some cock-up I appear to have made when setting up an account for some domain names at work with 1and1, they are persuing me personally for an outstanding sum of money because the company I w more
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 TPL Fantasy Formula 1 2013
Posted by Lord Tau - 02-3-13 22:18 - 5 comments
TPL's Fantasy F1 game will be back for it's seventh (yes seventh!) thrilling installment this year.

Information and sign up details will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks or so (once teams finalise their driver lineups - Force India and Marussia, I'm looking at y more
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 Forum changes
Posted by Norbert - 06-6-12 12:57 - 13 comments
Dear peeps,

you may start to notice some tweeks going on around here for a little while. The admin team is aware of some of the suggestions and criticisms that have quite rightly been made in recent weeks. We are now starting to act upon these with the hope of making the board a better more
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 TPL Fantasy F1 2012
Posted by Lord Tau - 02-11-12 08:52 - 15 comments
Despite the year on year decline in popularity, Fantasy F1 will make a return for 2012. So get ready!!

Sign up details will be coming soon!!
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